Will Sapphire work on my computer/tablet/smartphone?

You can use Sapphire on any device with a web browser and an internet connection.

Because of this, supported devices include Windows PCs, Macs, Android smartphones, iPhones, iPads, and more!

Will Sapphire's features work for my operation?

Sapphire was specifically designed to be simple and flexible. Using our log builder tool, it's likely that you're already able to create a digital version of your existing logs.

Additionally, we're always open to adding new features to help our customers, so if you have a suggestion, or you'd just like to learn more about logging with Sapphire, we'd love to hear from you.

Is an internet connection required?

Right now, an active internet connection is required to use Sapphire, but we will be releasing a mobile app and desktop app in the near future to eliminate this requirement.

How do I sign up?

Simply call or send an email to one of our representatives and we will be happy to get you set up!

What costs are involved?

This depends entirely on the size of the operation and if consulting is desired in addition to the software. Please call or email us for an estimate.